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We understand how important your phone is

Never before have we formed such a personal and intimate relationship with any device. Almost everything we do is depending on or filtered through a mobile device.

The day it breaks down or gets damaged is a sad day and people fear to be apart from their device.

When it happens, we are there to help - we offer a range of services and products to try and make the interruption/disruption to their every day life as little as possible


Your Authorised repair & service shop

We handle in- and out-of-warranty repairs for our Customers based in the Nordic countries.

As a market leader we handle large volumes with high quality performance.

We have systems, processes and routines in place even to handle the strictest demands as a service partner to various government and law enforcement agencies. Your phone and all your personal data is in safe hands with us. 

Always certified technicians - always original parts.

Management >>

Jakob Holmen Kraglund


T: +45 23923724
Mail: jakob.kraglund@mobylife.com


Jens Boëtius Andersen


T: +45 20 82 04 33 
Email: jens.andersen@mobylife.com


Heikki Rossinen


T: +358 50 5717 637
Mail: heikki.rossinen@mobylife.fi


Christian Gjendem


T: +47 480 51 980
Mail: christian.gjendem@mobylife.no


Rie Bacher Kejser

HR & Communication Director

T: +45 2311 1113
Mail: rie.bacher.kejser@mobylife.com


Richard Øverby 


T: +47 919 13 555
Mail: richard.overby@mobylife.no


Matilda Glave


T: +46 790 75 11 50
Mail: matilda.glave@mobylife.com

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