Your phone and its data are in safe hands

The mobile phone is a truly personal item and when it breaks, it can be both expensive and cumbersome if it gets into the wrong hands. Mobylife is an authorized brand workshop for all types of cellphones and tablets. Our safety, confidentiality, and quality practices always follow manufacturers guidelines and manuals. With us, your phone is in safe hands.


Authorized and ESD-protected brand workshop

We are authorized by all major mobile manufacturers and perform both in-warranty repairs and screen replacements according to the manufacturers’ instructions.

As an authorized partner, we get access to training, spare parts and special tools straight from the manufacturers.

In addition, all our workshops are secured against static electricity to protect your device from suffering hidden errors because of an electrical discharge that may damage your device's mainboard. Our Electro Static Discharge (ESD) protection covers everything from flooring, shoes, clothes and chairs to plastic pockets and the tools we use during a repair.


Safe and fast – with the customer in focus

In our "walk-in" repair shops we solve common problems while you read a magazine or enjoy a cup of coffee. More complex repairs will be sent to our central workshops.

If you prefer to register an order from the comfort of your home, you can easily create a service order online and send us your damaged device by mail.

In most cases, we ship your device back as good as new the same day it arrives in our workshop. In case we are awaiting spare parts or are having trouble replicating your problem, we'll be in touch. And you can always follow your order online.


Original parts and retained manufacturer warranty

At Mobylife, we care about your device and we respect your data and your privacy. We only use original parts from the manufacturers, follow their processes and guidelines and offer a 3-month warranty on parts and work.

Besides our warranty you can also rest assured that a repair at an authorized repair shop never compromises your device's manufacturer warranty – and that warranty may come in handy if you break more than the display or back cover.

We welcome you to a world of knowledge and safety here at Mobylife!



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