Most phones can be returned to the owner the same day as we receive them at our workshops. This means that you typically can expect your phone back within 3 working days after you submit it.

However, some manufacturers require the phone to be forwarded to a central workshop in Europe. Therefore, if you have an HTC or Microsoft device, it may take up to a week before the phone is repaired and ready, depending on the issue.

If, unexpectedly, we are missing spare parts due to delivery issues with the manufacturer, we will contact you and keep you informed about the progress.

Creating an order

Why is there no price for the repair I have chosen?

We currently only have fixed prices for the most common models and issues. If your phone is not included in our drop-down menus, please search for your brand and model. All models we are certified to repair are searchable via the field 'write here'. Find your model and describe the problem in the text input filed. We will then diagnose your device and send you a price estimate. 

 This is how it works:

  • Select brand (start typing in the 'write here' field)
  • Select phone (use the field 'write here' if you cannot find it)
  • Describe your issue in the text box 
  • Continue to checkout and submit your phone
  • We will examine the phone and send you a price estimate that you can choose to accept or reject 
  • If you decline, we will return the phone to you at no extra cost, the return charge is on us

Can I decline a price estimate?

Of couse, if our price estimate for some reason does not meet your expectations, you can always decline the cost proposal and repair. We will then send the phone back to you at no additional cost and without repairing it. If you wish we can also recycle or scrap the phone in an environmentally friendly way instead of us sending it back to. The choice is yours. 

I cannot find my phone in the drop-down menues. What do I do?

If your phone is not included in our lists, you can easily search for both brand and model by typing in the field that says 'write here'. If we are authorized to repair your phone model, it will appear in your search result and become eligible. Unfortunately, some less common models currently do not allow for fixed prices. Instead, we ask you to describe your problem. We will then send you a price estimate after examining the phone. 

If you choose to decline our price estimate, we return the phone to you at no additional cost.

How do I create an order online?

In the drop-down menu on the create repair page, you will find all the most common brands, models, and issues. Find your model and choose one or more issues that you would like to remedy. Then click on the green 'Create Repair' button. 

Review your order, make changes or additions, please write a detailed explanation of the problem to our service engineers, and then proceed to checkout. The money is reserved on your card, but we will not deduct them until the repair is completed and the phone will be returned to you. 

Once we have registered your order, we will send you an email with information on how to prepare, pack and send your phone to us. The confirmation email also contains the username and password you will need to follow your order. 

Remember to upload a receipt or a valid warranty, if you believe that the repair is covered by the factory warranty. 

Can I submit a damaged phone by mail?

Yes, that's fine. Visit our create repair page and select your brand and model in the first two drop-down menus. Then select one or more problems in the third drop-down menu. If your specific problem is not listed, click on 'Other' and describe the issue to us.

Once you have selected brand, model, and issue, click 'Create Repair' and then proceed to checkout. Once we have registered your order, we will send you an email with instructions on how to prepare, pack and send your phone to us.

It's that simple!

My insurance company does not appear in the drop-down menu?

If your insurance company does not appear on the list, it means that we do not cooperate with that company. You can submit your phone anyway and request compensation from your insurance company afterwards.

You simply complete the registration of the order without selecting a specific insurance company. 

Preparing your device

Where can I follow the status of my repair?

If you want to follow your repair or respond to a price estimate, just click on the grey box with 'follow your repair' in the top right corner of this page. Then, type the username and password that you received in the confirmation email when you created your repair.

Do you need my SIM card?

We have our own SIM cards that we use for testing, so please remove your SIM card before submitting your phone.  

Why should I turn 'Find my iPhone' off before submitting my iPhone?

Apple requires that the Find My iPhone-feature is disabled before we can perform service. The reason is, among other things, that you should not be able to reset the phone without the owner's knowledge. If the 'Find My iPhone' feature is turned on, we cannot run diagnostic software and/or perform repairs. 

You can disable 'Find my iPhone' directly on your phone by going to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone and turn the feature off. Confirm with your Apple ID.

You can also disable the service by logging in to your iCloud account from another device.   

Do you need my password?

No, we would actually need you to remove your password as well as your Find my IPhone (if it’s an IOS device) before sending us your device. You can find information on how to do so under our DIY-section.

How do I prepare my Android phone for repair?

  1. 1. Back up your Android device: Go to Settings > Account > Select Google Account and select that you want to synchronize
  2. 2. Remove your PIN or remember to enclose the code before sending your phone to us
  3. 3. Sign out of your Google Account
  4. 4. Remove SIM card, mobile phone cover and/or screen protector from your phone and include only accessories that are relevant to the specific problem.

Now your Android phone is ready to be sent to service!

How do I prepare my iPhone for repair?

  1. 1. Back up your iPhone either via iCloud or iTunes (see separate FAQ backup questions)
  2. 2. Remove your password: Go to settings > Touch ID and password > Enter the code and select 'Turn off password.' If you have a device without Touch ID, go to Settings > Password, and if you have an iPhone X, choose Settings > Face ID and Password.
  3. 3. Disable 'Find My iPhone': Go to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > Find My iPhone and Disable Find My iPhone
  4. 4. Remove SIM card, mobile phone cover and/or screen protector from your phone and send only accessories that are relevant to the specific problem.

Now your iPhone is ready to be sent to service!

How do I pack my phone to keep it safe in the mail?

We recommend that you find a small, stable carboard box (big enough to hold the device and a little 'padding' all the way around it). The padding can consist of striped newspaper curled together, bubble wrap or packing chips. Make sure that the padding holds the device in place so that it is not loose in the box during transport. Use strong packing tape to seal the box. 

Remember to print the service order and shipping slip you received in the confirmation email. Fold the service order around the phone with the barcode outwards before placing it in the box. That way we can easily scan your device when it lands at the workshop. The shipping slip is affixed to the box and then you deliver the package to a postal delivery point. Save receipt for submission.

In Finland you receive a shipping code instead of a shipping slip.

Also, remember to remove your PIN and disable 'Find My iPhone' if you have an Apple phone!

Should I perform a backup before I submit my phone?

Yes, we recommend that you always perform a backup before sending your phone or tablet to us. Some errors require that we reset your device to factory settings, and in those cases all data on the device will be deleted.

Mobylife is not responsible for any lost data so be sure to keep your backup copy safe.


How come unauthorized service providers can offer repair when you can´t, i.e. water damages?

We are proud of our profession and have made a promise to ourselves and to the manufactures to maintain a very high quality in our repairs. If we cannot promise a sustainable and high-quality repair, we won’t offer it. This is the case when a device is water damaged, has been rooted or if it has been opened by an unauthorized service provider. Naturally we will help in the case where we feel that we can live up to our high standards, and where we are allowed by the manufacturers to do it, regardless if it is a payable repair or under warranty. Only the best is good enough for us and for our customers.

Can you perform a warranty repair on a unit that is rooted?

What does it mean?

To root a device means that you change the settings and thereby give yourself permission as an administrator. This gives you more control over the device than a normal user has. Basically, it means that you have the possibility to modify the preinstalled software.

Can we repair?

Since you can modify the software in unintended ways that can cause the device to malfunction, the warrant is void by doing this.  We cannot uninstall the software or perform any other repairs, since the device cannot synchronize with the systems that are provided to us by the manufacturer.

Can you perform a warranty repair on a unit that is damaged by water/ moist or other liquids?

What does it mean?

Liquid damages doesn’t necessarily mean that a device has been submerged in water. It can be that the device has been used in a humid environment such as the bathroom or by use in rainy weather. There are indicators in most devices that change color upon contact with water, moisture or liquids.

Can we repair?

Water, moisture and liquids easily finds its way to the mainboard, where all important components are located. In small amounts, it is not unusual that the device continues to work, but since moisture spreads it will affect more and more functionalities over time. And since it spreads, we cannot be sure to solve the problem by exchanging just a few parts and we also risk making it worse by trying to repair. We are proud of our profession and we have promised to maintain a very high quality in our repairs. This is a promise that is difficult to keep under these circumstances, and that is why we don’t offer repairs on devices that are damaged by water, moisture or liquids.

Can you perform a warranty repair on a unit that has been repaired at an unauthorized service provider?

What does unauthorized service mean?

Unauthorized service means that a person or a workshop without the proper approval from the manufacturers has opened the device. We can see this by finding marks after use of tools, missing screws, unoriginal parts or residue from tape or glue inside the device. Often the devices are opened in an environment that is not properly protected against static electrical discharge, which can cause the device to malfunction at a later point. The quality of the spare parts are often quite poor, which also can cause problems with the functionality. Because of this, all warranty is void when it has been opened by an unauthorized service provider.

Can we repair?

We are proud of our profession and we have promised ourselves and the manufactures to perform high quality repairs. Many parts are affected when the device has been opened by an unauthorized service provider, and all parts would need to be replaced. This unfortunately sometimes means that the repair price would be higher than the value of the device.

Can you perform a warranty repair on a unit that is physically damaged?

What does physical damage mean? 

Physical damage means that a device has a damage caused by an external force, i.e. that it is bent, has been dropped or has a damaged frame, screen or back cover. When a device is damaged in this way, it can have negative consequences for the internal state of the device and cables and parts can become lose and cause functional errors. Moist and dirt can also enter the device when it is not intact. Because of this, the manufacturer cannot take responsibility for errors on a device with physical damages.

Can we repair?

We can repair warranty faults on a damaged phone, but only if the physical damages are repaired first, in order to get an intact device to work on. Many repairs demand opening of the device, but if the device is damaged we risk increasing the damage. Our tools are intended for use on undamaged devices. If a unit is bent, it means that the internal components are bent as well. That means that we would have to replace all parts and normally this would result in the repair price being higher than the value of the device.

What do you mean by authorized service provider?

Nowadays many places offer mobile repairs, but there are only a few who are authorized to handle in-warranty cases. There are many demands from the producers that we have to meet in order to become an authorized service provider, such as environment and recycling, data security, process handling, training, repair times and much much more. Of course we only use original spare parts, our technicians are certified and are continuously trained in handling of new models and brands. There are also demands that we work in a proper environment to minimize the risks for damages caused by static electrical discharge. All of this makes perfect sense to us, but can be difficult for you as a consumer to be aware of.

If you’re unsure about whether a workshop is authorized or not, we suggest you ask the following control questions:

  • Can you help with in-warranty repairs? (only authorized service providers can do this)
  • Do you use original spare parts? (Most unauthorized service providers use cheaper copies)

Do I lose my original warranty by repairing my device here? (Sometimes an unauthorized service provider gives their own warranty, but that normally only covers the affected parts and not the whole unit as your original warranty does)

What is statutory warranty?

It is easy to get confused about the use of the words warranty and statutory warranty.  They sound alike but there is a significant difference. The statutory warranty is not regulated by the retailer or the manufacturer, but by law. The time frame differs depending on the country the device is bought in. Statutory warranty is the right to complain about a product you have bought. It is important that you make a complaint as soon as possible after the error has begun. If you wish to complain about a product within your statutory warranty, you should always turn to your retailer.

What does Mobylife’s repair warranty mean?

Our repair warranty is valid for three months after the repair. It covers the work and the spare parts that have been used specifically for your repair. However, the warranty is no longer valid in cases where the unit has suffered for example a water damage, unauthorized repair and/or physical damages.

Since we are an authorized service provider, your original warranty won’t be affected by a service at our workshop. On the contrary, the warranty will have a continued coverage after the repair for the rest of the original warranty time.

How do I know if a repair is covered by warranty or not?

It can be difficult to know in advance whether or not a repair is covered by warranty. Warranty errors are faults that are not caused by wrongful handling and but instead caused by a production error in the device. Our technicians are trained by the producers to differentiate between user errors and warranty errors, and therefore we need to check the phone physically before we can know for sure. When you create a service order on our web page, you can do it based on your own analysis. However, it might be good for you to know under which circumstances the warranty is void. We are very proud of our profession as an authorized service provider, and we have promised the producers to maintain a very high quality in our repairs. If we cannot fulfill our promise to perform a sustainable and qualitative repair, we will not offer it. Examples of damage causes that are not covered by warranty are:

  • Liquid damages
  • Physical damages
  • Rooted device
  • Earlier service at an unauthorized service provider

What is warranty?

There are many places today offering mobile repairs, but only a few are authorized to handle in-warranty cases. Since we are an authorized service provider, a repair in our workshop won’t affect your warranty. Warranty is something given voluntarily by the manufacturer, usually a time period of 12-24 months. Peripherals and consumables are often given a shorter warranty period. When you have warranty you are entitled to get help with faults that are not caused by wrongful handling but caused by a production error in the device. If you suspect that you have a warranty fault on your device, you can get help to create a service order either from the producer, your retailer or via our web page.

You can create an order on our web page and upload a receipt or proof of warranty, by clicking the orange text “is your warranty still valid” in our online order flow. When you do this, the cost of the repair will disappear and you can send your device to us free of charge.

What does Mobylife’s warranty cover?

Our 3 month warranty covers any defects in the parts that we install as well as the labor associated with the repair. Our warranty however does not cover issues caused by physical or liquid damage.

Keep in mind, that since we are an authorized repair shop any remaining manufacturer warranty that your device holds is kept intact.

Can you provide warranty service if my phone has external damage?

Since we are an authorized brand workshop, we always follow the manufacturers' guidelines. For warranty cases, it is our duty to ensure that the damage is not caused by improper handling or unnatural external impact. Similarly, we are happy to sometimes make or replace defective parts that are covered by the warranty even if the phone was submitted for other reasons.

For example, if your phone has a cracked screen or a damaged frame, we cannot repair it without changing both screen and frame. This is partly because the manufacturers demand that we return the phone in flawless condition, and partly because the glass can crack even more when we open the phone to repair it, making it difficult to close it again and get it tight. Similarly, a damaged frame can prevent a display from closing tightly, thus making it easier for moisture and dirt to penetrate and cause problems later.

If our examination shows that the manufacturer's warranty cannot cover all costs (or we need to change parts other than those ordered online for non-warranty cases), we will of course contact you with a price estimate before we begin the repair. You can always decline repair when we send you a price estimate. If you choose to decline, we will send your phone back and pay for both the return freight and the cost of the examination.


Can you repair my phone if I have used an unauthorized workshop?

Since we are an authorized workshop, we cannot perform warranty service on devices that contain non-original parts or devices that have been opened and closed without the manufacturer's special tools.

However, we can usually repair most devices anyway, but the repair will not be covered by a warranty. If the manufacturer says no to a warranty repair, we will send you a price estimate of what the repair will cost. If you agree, we will reserve the amount on your card, but only withdraw it on completion of the repair. If you decline, we will pay the return shipping and the cost of examining the device so that you only pay for the shipment in to us. 

Is my factory warranty affected by service or repair at Mobylife?

No, your warranty is not affected by our service. We are an authorized branded workshop that has agreements with all the brands we service. That way, you can be sure that your factory warranty is still valid after service from us!

We appreciate that you choose an authorized workshop and provide a 3-month warranty on repair work and spare parts. Even though the factory warranty has expired, we take responsibility for the service we deliver.

However, our warranty does not apply to damage caused by drop or liquids.

What does Mobylife's warranty cover?

Mobylife's warranty is valid for three months and covers the work and spare parts used for your specific repair. However, our warranty does not apply if the phone is exposed to external influences such as drop, unauthorized intervention and/or liquids and moisture.

Since we are an authorized branded workshop, the phone's factory warranty is not affected by our service. It still applies, as before. 


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