Most phones can be returned to the owner the same day as we receive them at our workshops. This means that you typically can expect your phone back within 3 working days after you submit it.

However, some manufacturers require the phone to be forwarded to a central workshop in Europe. Therefore, if you have an HTC or Microsoft device, it may take up to a week before the phone is repaired and ready, depending on the issue.

If, unexpectedly, we are missing spare parts due to delivery issues with the manufacturer, we will contact you and keep you informed about the progress.

Why is there no price for the repair I have chosen?

We currently only have fixed prices for the most common models and issues. If your phone is not included in our drop-down menus, please search for your brand and model. All models we are certified to repair are searchable via the field 'write here'. Find your model and describe the problem in the text input filed. We will then diagnose your device and send you a price estimate. 

 This is how it works:

  • Select brand (start typing in the 'write here' field)
  • Select phone (use the field 'write here' if you cannot find it)
  • Describe your issue in the text box 
  • Continue to checkout and submit your phone
  • We will examine the phone and send you a price estimate that you can choose to accept or reject 
  • If you decline, we will return the phone to you at no extra cost, the return charge is on us

Can I decline a price estimate?

Of couse, if our price estimate for some reason does not meet your expectations, you can always decline the cost proposal and repair. We will then send the phone back to you at no additional cost and without repairing it. If you wish we can also recycle or scrap the phone in an environmentally friendly way instead of us sending it back to. The choice is yours. 

I cannot find my phone in the drop-down menues. What do I do?

If your phone is not included in our lists, you can easily search for both brand and model by typing in the field that says 'write here'. If we are authorized to repair your phone model, it will appear in your search result and become eligible. Unfortunately, some less common models currently do not allow for fixed prices. Instead, we ask you to describe your problem. We will then send you a price estimate after examining the phone. 

If you choose to decline our price estimate, we return the phone to you at no additional cost.

How do I create an order online?

In the drop-down menu on the create repair page, you will find all the most common brands, models, and issues. Find your model and choose one or more issues that you would like to remedy. Then click on the green 'Create Repair' button. 

Review your order, make changes or additions, please write a detailed explanation of the problem to our service engineers, and then proceed to checkout. The money is reserved on your card, but we will not deduct them until the repair is completed and the phone will be returned to you. 

Once we have registered your order, we will send you an email with information on how to prepare, pack and send your phone to us. The confirmation email also contains the username and password you will need to follow your order. 

Remember to upload a receipt or a valid warranty, if you believe that the repair is covered by the factory warranty. 

Can I submit a damaged phone by mail?

Yes, that's fine. Visit our create repair page and select your brand and model in the first two drop-down menus. Then select one or more problems in the third drop-down menu. If your specific problem is not listed, click on 'Other' and describe the issue to us.

Once you have selected brand, model, and issue, click 'Create Repair' and then proceed to checkout. Once we have registered your order, we will send you an email with instructions on how to prepare, pack and send your phone to us.

It's that simple!

My insurance company does not appear in the drop-down menu?

If your insurance company does not appear on the list, it means that we do not cooperate with that company. You can submit your phone anyway and request compensation from your insurance company afterwards.

You simply complete the registration of the order without selecting a specific insurance company. 


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