Terms and Conditions

You are just about done with your service order registration. Before proceeding, we ask you to please read and accept our terms and conditions.

Repair conditions:

Repair performed at your expense is covered by the Consumer Purchase Act (applies only to private customers) with the rights and obligations it implies for both parties. The prices stated when ordering a service are to be considered as indicative. The service will be carried out at the agreed price to the extent that it is feasible. Changes that result in increased costs will be notified and require approval before we begin the repair.

Physical damage such as impact damages, liquid damage and the like that affected the phone due to improper handling is not covered by warranty or insurance. Certain types of repairs that require that the phone to opened cannot be performed if the frame or back cover is damaged. If we find additional issues or damage on your device that needs to be fixed in order for it to function properly, we will send out a cost proposal for approval before we begin the repair. If your device is not covered by warranty or insurance or if we for some other reason need to send you a cost proposal we will return your device unrepaired. If we return your device unrepaired, only XX € (to cover shipping in to our workshop) will be deducted from the amount reserved on your card. Diagnosis cost and return shipping is at our expense.

We kindly ask you to only send in accessories that are relevant to the issue/problem of the device, which usually means that only the device needs to be sent to us. Please note that Mobylife is not responsible for any accessories that are not relevant to the service, such as screen protector, charger, SIM card, etc.


When you pay with a credit card at Mobylife, the full amount of the service is reserved on your account at the time of purchase and charged at the end of the service. If you choose not to accept a cost proposals, only the cost for inbound freight (XX €) will be withdrawn from your account.  

Acceptance of additional service and repairs by approving our cost proposals are considered binding and cannot be undone.

Warranty and:

You have 3 months warranty on the services provided.

Please note that if a device submitted to Mobylife has previously been repaired with spare parts that are not original, Mobylife does not take financial responsibility for these spare parts. In the event that these parts are damaged during our troubleshooting (performed in accordance with each manufacturer's standards and troubleshooting rules), we are not liable for damages. We at Mobylife only use original parts, which ensures that any remaining factory warranty on the device will continue to apply.

Backup and data management:

Data may disappear during the repair and Mobylife cannot guarantee that data on the device will not be erased in connection with service. Therefore, it is your responsibility as a customer to create a backup of the contents of your device before sending it in for service.

Handling of personal data:

Mobylife protects your privacy and adheres to established laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal data. For information about how we handle your personal information, please refer to our "Privacy Policy" http://mobylife.com/en/privacy

By ordering service and repair from Mobylife, you agree that we collect data in accordance with our Privacy Policy, in order to best handle your service matters. You also agree that we may contact you in matters relating to your service and that after your device has been repaired or returned to you we are allowed to send a request for a judgment about us and the service you have received.

One last friendly reminder:

Please note that we cannot service your Apple device if the "Find My iPhone" feature is not disabled. Nor can we provide any service if your passcode has not been removed.

Do not forget to back up your device before submitting it to service.


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