Troubleshoot your mobile

Our service technicians service about a million phones a year; just imagine the competence they hold between them. Below we’ve gathered some of their best tips on how to trouble shoot and fix minor issues yourself.

If your phone hangs and you need to perform a soft reset on an Android device

A soft reset is a minor reboot for your phone. It’s a simple way to fix most issues if your phone or apps are acting strange. A soft reset is like powering off your phone and then turning it back on again, only faster and smoother. No data will be lost.

To perform a soft reset on an Android device you either hold the Power/Lock button down for about 8 - 10 seconds until the phone vibrates or the logos appear. If this does not work then your device requires you to press both the Power/Lock button and either the Volume up or Volume down and the Home button simultaneously for approximately 10 seconds until it vibrates or the logo appears.

You can let go of both buttons after the logo appears and your phone will go through the usual process of starting up.

To perform a soft reset on an Android device without home buttons, e.g. Huawei, press the volume up or down and power button simultaneous. Whether it is volume up or down varies from model to model.

If the phone cannot boot or charge

If the phone cannot boot, it may be because the battery is fully discharged. Start by leaving the phone unused for charging for 30 minutes. Make sure the charger works: Use the original charger or try charging another phone with your charger as a test.

If the phone still does not start, there may have slipped some fluff or dust into the USB socket where you charge your phone. Check the socket with a flashlight and carefully remove dust, dirt, and anything else that may have settled firm. The easiest way to remove the dirt is to use makeup sticks, a soft toothpick, or a dry toothbrush.

If you fail to succeed in removing the dust, we will be happy to help you. And if the socket itself is loose, bent or otherwise damaged, we can also help you to replace it.


If the phone often freezes or seems unstable

If you find that the phone is often freezing, feeling slow or even shutting down, it may be a good idea to return to the factory settings.

The factory setting cleans the phone and restores it to the original condition. As all your data disappears, it's important that you first make a complete backup and save all the data you want to export to the phone afterwards. Please review the apps you may need to reinstall, as third-party software (such as apps) may cause your phone to slow down or freeze.

On most Android mobiles, you will find the factory settings under Settings > Backup and Reset > Reset

On an iPhone, find the factory settings under Settings > General > Reset > Delete all content and reset

If the touch feature on the screen does not work

If your phone does not respond to touch, it may be because it has been exposed to extreme temperatures. Try to take the phone indoors (away from direct sunlight or extreme cold) and place it unused at room temperature for 30 minutes. If it still does not work after 30 minutes, it's probably another problem.

Make sure the screen is undamaged. Small cracks can be hard to detect, so watch the screen from different angles and in sufficient light. If the screen looks OK, try restarting the phone. If it still does not respond after a reboot, we can help you replace the touch screen. Select 'Damaged Screen' from the drop-down menu on the page where you order a repair and submit your phone to our workshop.

If the battery is discharged too fast

If it looks like the battery is fully charged, but then quickly loses power when you stop charging, it's a good idea to review the phone's apps. Some apps – especially those who are constantly updating online or using Bluetooth connectivity – tend to drain the battery quickly. For a start, you can close all active apps to see if battery life is improving.

If the problem persists, it's a good idea to examine all apps and their power consumption in both standby and active mode.

On an iPhone, you can easily see the power consumption by going to Settings > Battery.

Most Android phones also have a battery menu under Settings. Find the menu on your phone and search for the relevant feature, usually called Battery.

If you continue to experience short battery life after eliminating the apps with the worst power consumption, it may be time to switch to a new battery. Most mobile batteries decrease in power after approximately 400 charging cycles, equivalent to 1-2 years of regular use.

If your phone feels slow

Sometimes, unfortunately, an older model phone may feel slow after a software update. This may be because the phone's hardware does not support all new features in the new system properly. Unfortunately, you cannot do much to roll back a software update.

However, you can generally speed up the phone by regularly restarting it or enforcing a restart, cleaning the phone's memory. You can also improve the performance of your phone by reviewing and deleting apps you do not use anymore. The same goes for video, pictures, and music files. Empty your phone periodically to free up internal memory and increase performance.

If you want to factory reset an Android phone

The factory settings delete all content on your phone so before you begin, it is important that you back up all the data you want to save.

On Samsung Galaxy phones, you will find the factory settings under Settings > General Administration > Reset > Reset to Factory Default.

On Huawei phones, the factory settings are in Settings > Advanced Settings > Backup & Reset > Reset the phone.

On Sony Xperia phones, find the factory settings under Settings > Backup & Restore > Restore Default Settings.

To make a factory reset on an iPhone

A factory reset deletes all content on your phone so it's important to back up the data you want to save before you begin.

On an iPhone, find factory reset under Settings > General > Reset > Delete all content and reset


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